We will increase the awareness about the environmental initiatives at Roskilde Festival amongst the festival guests

In step with the roll out of several environmental initiatives during the past years, the overall awareness of these efforts has also increased – and hopefully spread some inspiration – amongst the festival guests.


During the past three years the average awareness across environmental initiatives has increased from 38 % to 57 %. Especially, awareness about waste recycling, bottle refund options, free tap water stations and organic food has increased - and in some cases almost doubled over the two years. Meanwhile, festival initiatives to reduce food waste and promote environmental transport had a bit less traction with festival guests in 2017 than in 2016.

Awareness Amongst Festival Volunteers

To encourage a greater sustainability culture and increase awareness about environmental initiatives amongst the festival volunteers, every year Roskilde Festival rewards the best environmental initiative.

In 2017, this internal “Sustainability Award” was given to the ReAct parades and groups of ReActors for their hard as steel efforts to transform garbage to gold by sorting and collecting waste from the festival camp site as well as motivating festival guests to do so themselves.


The publication “Volunteers' Guide Book” provides all festival volunteers with 5 tips to make Roskilde Festival greener:

  •  Bring your camping equipment home
  •  Sort your waste and use the recycling stations
  •  Leave your car at home, bring your bike or use the festival shuttle busses
  •  Try out the vegetarian food options and drink tap water
  •  Do your best to minimize material waste and reuse building materials

Peter Ringtved, RF Grafik