We are Coffee Rangers. As a Ranger, you are a happy person who knows how to create a good atmosphere, good mood and you are a salesperson at heart. Or maybe you are an introvert who would like to get a crash course in becoming more social?

Age demand: You must be at least 18 
Language requirements: Danish and/or English

At CoffeeCow we sell coffee (Irish Coffee in the evenings during the music days) of the highest quality, but instead of standing in a market stall and watching people standing in line, we go out among the festivalgoers! This means that you carry the coffee around in a backpack that can hold up to 10 litres. Oh – and we actually do have a stall now if you want a few shifts there!

We are looking for people who are:

  • Happy
  • Healthy (able to carry 15 kilos on your back)
  • Responsible
  • Want to make people happy by selling them coffee!
  • Can get up early in the morning (we begin our shifts at 07:00)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Can speak English or Danish

CoffeeCow offers:

  • Access to Roskilde Festival
  • Sales experience
  • Food and drinks for your shift
  • The opportunity to add your own touch to ”Orange Feeling”
  • Memories for life
  • The most social job at Roskilde Festival – on the job as well as off (if you want)
  • Last but not least: MUSIC!

If you are interested – sign up here: (in Danish, but click on the button "Ansøg" an you will be able to apply)