ReAct is looking for welcoming hosts to help the guest sort their waste at the Recycling stations.

Language requirements: Danish or english

What’s ReAct all about?

ReAct is the name of one of Roskilde Festival´s sustainability efforts. Our vision is to get the festival guests to clean up after themselves, to sort their waste and take home their camping gear.

Our efforts are

  • Manned Recycling stations at the camping area
  • Marked garbage cans at all camping areas
  • Communication through campaigns before and during the festival
  • Cool green motivated volunteers with different responsibilities
  • A ReAct parade that each day motivates and helps the festival guests to clean up and sort waste at the entire camping area.

Your effort as a Recycling Station Host (ReHost)

ReActs Recycling stations is an offer for the festival guests to sort their waste. These stations need a host, so the guests are motivated to sort the waste they bring to the station. As a welcoming Host of a ReAct Recycling station, you will guide festival guests as they sort out their waste. As any other host would do, you politely make sure that the guests are enjoying them self while keeping the Recycling Station and its surroundings nice and tidy. Furthermore, you will help the guest repairing their stuff if possible and talking to them about sustainable waste management.

  • You have to be the good example.
  • You have to talk to guest about sustainable waste management and their part in it.
  • You have to motivate and help festival guests sort the waste they bring to the Recycling Stations.
  • You must help the guests patch up air mattresses and repair other broken items if possible.
  • You have to help with unloading collected recyclable fractions at the Recycling Stations.
  • You have to make sure that the Recycle Station is running smooth and is looking as tidy as possible.

You´ll get: A lot of new green friends, a ticket to Roskilde Festival and all the music, hot showers after each job, ten drink tickets, three food tickets, lunch on Sunday July 7th, , access to Volunteer Village, backstage lounge and volunteer camping.

What does it take?

Above all, you want to change the waste culture at the festival and finds this mission utterly important. You are a service to the guests whom dragged their waste to a Recycling Station – your job is to help them, tell them they did well and pat them on the shoulder. As you should expect moderate amounts of talking to strangers, it certainly helps if you consider yourself a people-person. It is not a requirement that you are knowledgeable in waste management – we will fill you in on everything you need to know.

When is the work?

You´ll be working 4 x 8 hours during the period from Sunday, June 30th 2019 to Sunday, July 7th 2019.

Your working hours will be 32 hours during the period from 8AM till 5PM. Sunday July the 7th is a mandatory shift for all volunteers. Before the festival, you have to participate in an e-learning program at the Roskilde Festival platform.

For citizens outside the EU/EEA countries:

  • If you are a citizen outside Scandinavia, EU/EEA countries and Switzerland you must obtain a residence- and work permit to be allowed to volunteer at Roskilde Festival. 
  • Students from a higher education in Denmark who are citizens outside Scandinavia, EU/EEA countries and Switzerland will automatically have a residence- and work permit and therefore entitled to be a volunteer at Roskilde Festival. Volunteers who are subject to those rules, must bring evidence to document the necessary permits are in place. Further information can be obtained from the Immigration Service, Agency at

Are you interested?

  1. First you create a profile at Roskilde Festival´s volunteer site,
  2. When filling out your profile in People please remember to fill out country (“Land”), nationality (“Nationalitet”), and your address

If you have any questions, please send them to

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best the entire ReAct Team