Do you want to become part of Roskilde Festival and this year’s effort to reduce plastic waste at the festival? And do you want the opportunity to choose your own shifts as volunteer? Then read more here.

Age requirement: 18 years+
Other requirements: You need a driving licence

Team Pant (Refund) is looking for volunteers who want to help the environment and make Roskilde Festival free of a lot of plastic with this year’s new project. In collaboration with Tuborg and Plastic Change, a new solution has been developed, where we use recycled cups instead of disposable cups during the entire festival.

Your role

In order for the recycled cups to become a success, we need volunteers who want to drive a car between the sales points to collect/hand in recycled cups. A driving licence is a requirement. You team up with a partner for your shifts, which you have the opportunity to plan yourself, so you can have shifts with your festival buddy and still get to see your favourite band onstage.

The effort consists of 4 shifts of 8 hours (32 hours total): · 2 shifts during the music · 2 shifts before or after the music · Shifts will be between 28 June and 7 July As a volunteer in Team Pant (Refund) you will have access to a mini-canteen and good conditions, as well as Volunteers’ Village and Volunteer Camping. You will also receive food and beverage vouchers.


If you are interested in the role, please contact Heidi or Aleksander at heidi.petersen@ or – please write a little about yourself, and if you have volunteered at Roskilde Festival or other places before.

We look forward to hearing from you!