More than 30,000 volunteers work together all day, every day to create the world’s best festival, Roskilde Festival. Right now, RoskildeVagt (Roskilde guard) needs committed volunteers, who love the festival!

Age requirement: 18 years old

Language requirement: Danish and/or English (in Danish only) has more than 10 years’ experience at Roskilde Festival. The volunteers are the heart of Roskilde Festival, so without you, the festival would be a boring, dusty field. We already have many committed volunteers and hope that you want to join. The effort for RoskildeVagt takes place at all hours of the day and you will therefore experience high-energy nights and quiet mornings. As a volunteer, you must commit to four shifts of eight hours each.

Watch our YouTube video and get an idea about who we are and what we do:

All our guards walk in pairs. If you sign up with a friend, you will walk together most of the time. Your shifts will always be scheduled together. If you sign up alone, we also make sure you have a partner, though not necessarily the same person for each shift.

The profits go to the work with kids and youth done by The Danish Guide and Scout Association. In addition, your commitment grants you a volunteer wristband, which is valid for all days of the festival and you even get food and beverages for your shifts.


This year, we have made an extra effort to ensure that it will be an awesome year for our volunteers! That is why we can offer:

  • Delicious food when on shift
  • Cool after-work bar
  • Competitions when on shift
  • Great events when not on shift
  • Chance to be on shift at the opening of waiting area east

The effort:

We basically handle all tasks in camping areas L & N (the areas are located centrally in Camping East, close to the gravel pit and the Inner festival area and are two of the most exiting areas to be involved in).

The effort consists of:

  • Opening of waiting area east – be on shift before the festival starts
  • Orange guard – help festivalgoers and ensure that fire safety rules etc. are complied with. Including handing out trash bags.
  • Fire guard – ensure safety and clean-up of the agora and the fire pit
  • Entrance guard – control the entrance to the camping area
  • Toilet guard – make sure there is always toilet paper at the toilet area and prevent that toilets are vandalised. You will not be cleaning the toilets
  • Power line guard – make sure that rules for staying under the power lines in the area are obeyed in order to maintain safety
  • Answer questions from festivalgoers and generally help create the world’s best festival.


Read more and sign up on: – Find us on Facebook: (page in Danish)