We are looking for volunteers for Responsible Refund!

Every year, hundreds of people from all over Europe come to Roskilde Festival to collect refund in order to make a living for themselves and their families. They play a very important role at Roskilde Festival as they help with recycling and cleaning up after the ”regular” festivalgoers, thereby promoting sustainability. New refund collectors arrive every year, and they are often unaware of the festival’s rules and opportunities and unable to learn about them, as many speak neither Danish nor English.

Responsible Refund is a social project under Roskilde Festival, aiming to help and celebrate the refund collectors.

Age requirement: 18 and older

Language requirements: none – it is an advantage if you speak more languages than Danish!

What does the position entail?

The position entails that you, as a dedicated, social and open-minded volunteer help us make the festival experience better for our hard-working friends.

Your volunteering in Responsible Refund takes place both in and around the festival refund stands and at our “Refunder’s Lounge - The Big Chill”, where refund collectors come to relax on breaks.

We expect that you

  • have good interpersonal skills, are ready to initiate contact and curious about others
  • are not afraid of practical tasks (e.g. cleaning) and you are happy to help where you can
  • are ready to deal with many different people from different cultures, who may be in a vulnerable position
  • are willing to have at least one night shift

The refund collectors come from a variety of countries, so it will be a great advantage if you speak Spanish, Italian, Romanian, French, Portuguese or the like, but it is not a requirement.

The position requires that you

  • will be posted at the festival’s big refund stands on some of your shifts, where you will help refund collectors, e.g. by explaining the rules about refund, answering questions, solving any problems and preventing conflicts.
  • have at least one shift at our cafe with various tasks (e.g. serving food, making coffee, cleaning, washing and of course having a good time)
  • help keep the areas around the refund stand and cafe clean, in cooperation with the refund collectors
  • are outgoing and will initiate contact with refund collectors in the waiting areas by the refund stand and the cafe, in order to contribute to making their festival experience good and help with any frustrations they may have
  • guide refund collectors about cash payments for refund and coordinate with the volunteers who are responsible for payout.

During your shifts, you will be in regular contact with your two team coordinators who will help and support you.

Practical information

  • The shifts take place in the period between Saturday 29 June and Sunday 7 July 2019
  • You will volunteer a total of 32 hours distributed over 4 mandatory shifts, divided into morning, evening and night shifts (you will have shifts during both the warm-up days and music days)
  • You must take part in one mandatory information meeting before the festival
  • You will never be expected to intervene in a conflict, but we expect you to be observant and to contribute constructively to prevent any conflicts before they arise
  • You will always be able to contact a team coordinator during your shifts.

Note: You will always work alongside another volunteer, so you have the possibility to team up with a friend for your shift.

Besides a fantastic volunteer experience, we offer

  • A festival ticket with access to free (hot) showers
  • Access to Volunteer Camping (you have the opportunity to sleep here all week)
  • Access to Volunteers’ Village (where you get free coffee, lemonade and water)
  • Access to Volunteers’ Lounge (where you can buy food and beverages at favourable prices)
  • 4 meal vouchers and 1 sheet of drink vouchers

Sounds interesting! What should I do next?

You can sign up as a volunteer directly via this link:

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. Please write to