That is awesome! Thank you being a volunteer at Roskilde Festival. Here are the essential things you need to know
  1. BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: Okay, you have your volunteer role. Now what?

Make sure to take note, inquire and keep the following in mind before the festival:

  • Meeting time and location of beginning & end of your shift as well as tasks during your shift (sometimes you find out about this when you first meet up).
  • Contact information of your leader or relevant persons in case of questions or emergencies.
  • Depending on who you are volunteering on behalf of: keep an eye out for your specific individual information on email and Facebook groups etc.
  1. PEOPLE & CHECK-IN CARD: What is People? How will you use People? What is a Check-In card?
  • People is Roskilde Festival’s volunteer database where all volunteers at Roskilde Festival will have a profile – including you. This is where you will find your “volunteer products” such as Check-In card, volunteer t-shirt etc.
  • As ALL volunteers have a profile on People, ALL must use People to log in and download their Check-In card. The Check-In card will often not appear on your profile until shortly before the festival. So do not worry if you cannot see it yet.
  • The Check-In card is how you get your volunteer wristband. It also contains essential general information and conditions for you as a volunteer so be sure to read it thoroughly.
  1. VOLUNTEER WRISTBAND: How to arrive at Roskilde Festival the first time and get your Volunteer wristband?
  • Be sure to have your Check-In card downloaded through People and bring photo ID.
  • You don’t receive your wristband where the regular festival-goers get theirs at the East, West and South entrances!
  • You must go to Volunteer Check-in at Roskilde Handelsskole, located at Building 6, Bakkesvinget 67, 4000 Roskilde.
  • You can get there from Roskilde Station (the city of Roskilde) with bus or by foot.
  • You should not take the train to Roskilde Festival Station (Entrance Platform) or the buses to the regular entrances.
  1. VOLUNTEER CAMPING: Do you have access to Volunteer Camping? Where is it? How do you gain access?
  • Volunteer Camping is a camping area only for volunteers, which offers a much quieter night’s sleep. It is possible for volunteer organizations to pay for their volunteers to have access to Volunteer Camping. It is not all organizations who decide to do this and there is a limited amount of space. If you are in doubt whether you have access to Volunteer Camping, please reach out to your volunteer leader.
  • You need your wristband before you can access Volunteer Camping so make sure to go to Volunteer Check-in and get it as described above.
  • Volunteer Camping is located in area West next to camping area C.
  • It is open from 23rd of June at 12:00 and you cannot set up your tent before this date. It closes at 10th of July at 12:00 but some areas close at 8th of July. Look for the signs before you set up your tent.
  • You have the opportunity to take a hot shower and also buy food and drinks within Volunteer Camping.
  • Please bear in mind that everybody camping in this area are volunteering at the festival and can have scheduled volunteer shifts any time of the day! We know that many of you would like to party but everybody in this area should be able to get a good night’s sleep so they can do their very best being volunteers and creating Roskilde Festival. Please respect your co-volunteers and bear in mind that loud music and parties are not allowed in the area. Instead you can head out and enjoy the fact that while Volunteer Camping is more quiet and secluded, it is still located very close to the regular camping areas and the festival site where you will find plenty of fun and parties.
  • Take a stand and think about setting a good example. Some of the core values and goals of our festival is to take responsibility, show respect and think in a more sustainable way. Walk the talk: A great way to start is to help each other keep Volunteer Camping nice and clean – for everybody’s sake. Use all the recycling gear set up for your convenience, please ask your neighbor if you are unsure of how to use it. Furthermore, plan to bring home all your own camping gear this year, so we can leave the football fields in a state we can be proud of. Sustainability is the new sexy. Green Footsteps the new black.
  1. VOLUNTEERS VILLAGE: Did you know there is a village just for Volunteers at Roskilde Festival?
  • Volunteer Village is an awesome place where you can hang out with other volunteers, charge your phone, replace your VOLT battery, relax and enjoy free coffee, tea and water as well as cheaper bar prices.
  • You have an opportunity for massages, foot baths, doing yoga or getting your hair/makeup done in Volunteer Wellness. You can join other volunteer activities such as Speed Friending, Tour de Camps or play the Roskilde Festival board game "Orange Leader".
  • You can even hear live concerts in the evening during the warm up days.
  • This year there will also be Volunteer Cafés spread out across the whole festival site with free coffee, tea and water.
  1. MORE INFORMATION: The Volunteer Guide Book

The Volunteer Guide Book (“Værd at vide”) has lots of helpful information online, printed version at the festival or on the Roskilde Festival App.
If you have questions related to your schedule, tasks, information meetings etc. be sure to reach out to your volunteer leader/responsible person in your volunteer team. 

If you are at the festival and you need information, an advice or do you want to give feedback to the festival? You can head to Volunteers Lounge inside Volunteers Village. We would love to help you out in Granny’s Corner, which also serves as an information desk.