Tuesday 2 July 2019
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A kaleidoscopic and twangy mix of music from all corners of the world

Ipek Yolu is the Turkish name for the Silk Road which connected the East and the West.

This band does not deal in silk but they connect flavours, smells and sounds from different corners of the globe, connecting the world.

Ipek Yolu first got together for a jam session, which went on for three hours. It didn’t take them long to discover that they were onto something special.

The band merges bass-heavy electro-tinged cumbia grooves, saz riffs and surf guitar into a multi-cultural binge of South American rhythms, Anatolian folk music and 60s psychedelic rock. A unique universe of sound that bridges the tropical jungles and the dusty deserts in a kaleidoscopic blend of music.

Ipek Yolu includes musicians from bands like Hudna, Junglelyd and AddisAbabaBand. If you know any of these bands you know you’re in for a body-shaking party, characterised by musical curiosity and improvisation.

Find the silk road when Ipek Yolu plays the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2018.