Monday 1 July 2019
Swedish DIY rap sensation is ready to show what he’s made of!

Without the backing from any record label or any PR machinery, Swedish rapper Z.E (short for Zigge, an old moniker of his) has worked his way up as one of the most popular – and interesting – artists in Sweden. He releases his own music on the label Team Platina.

It all started when he was doing time in jail. Here he spent his time writing song lyrics like some kind of therapy. He wrote songs about his life, songs from the concrete suburbs (he’s from Tensta, a rough neighbourhood in the outskirts of Stockholm) and the reality there.

Songs like “Kaxig” and “Positiv” soon got airplay on the Swedish national radio station P3.

Z.E works with the same speed as most prolific mixtaping MCs from the US. In the spring of 2018, he released the debut Min penna blöder (‘my pen’s bleeding’), and later that same year he was ready with a follow-up, Sverige vet (‘Sweden knows’). At this point, he was the fifth most streamed artist in Sweden, and he landed on the top spot of the sales chart as well. He also charted with Cherrie on the track “163 för evigt” (she was also featured on his debut).

He was later awarded the title of ‘artist of the year’ at the Swedish Grammis awards.

What comes next? A third album, surely. A new single is out, “Ungefär”. It shows that Z.E continues his winning streak and does things his own way.

Now, Roskilde Festival awaits. Come watch this amazing sensation out of our neighbouring country. Catch Z.E when he plays the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.