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Travelling from abroad and want to volunteer? You are more than welcome at Roskilde Festival.

Volunteering as an International at Roskilde Festival

As a general rule, you must obtain a permit in order to work in Denmark.

This is not the case, if you are staying in Denmark and carry out unpaid voluntary work.

During your stay in Denmark - no matter whether your stay requires a visa, is visa exempt or based on a residence permit (regardless of your grounds for residence) - you can carry out unpaid voluntary work without applying for a work permit.

The volunteer work must have a genuine non-profit purpose, which must appear in the rules governing the organisation. Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit – read more about that right here.

To work unpaid means that you are not allowed to receive remuneration for your work in the form of a salary or other benefits unless the benefit is small and also given to other volunteers. When volunteering at Roskilde Festival you get a festival wristband and food provisions, which is considered small benefits, which are also given to all other volunteers.

As long as you are in Denmark legally, you can therefore volunteer at Roskilde Festival. 

More information?

Please check with The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), if you have any doubts whether you are legally in Denmark and therefore can do volunteer work.

To find out whether your entry in to Denmark requires a visa or is visa exempt, please check out the Danish Embassy webpage in your country, where you will find information on visas etc.  

Need more information on the rules of international volunteers? Check out this page.

Need more information about volunteering? Check out this page.

If you have any questions regarding being an international volunteer, you’re welcome to send us an email at