We believe music and art can change the world. Changing a community is something we can only do together. We believe a festival can promote a movement of young people who want more than just themselves and their closest friends.

Every year we choose a theme that we believe is important and deserves support and attention. In 2016-2018 we focused on different aspects of equality with a particular focus on cultural equality in 2017.

Equality 2017: Cultural equality

We believe equality between people is essential for a socially sustainable and democratic society of the world.

A lack of understanding for humans as equals and people with the same rights to freedom and dignity is one of the reasons behind many of the challenges the world is facing today. This is the case for violation of women and minorities, the flow of refugees, freedom of speech and the right to kiss the one you love.

Experiences with harassment and discrimination based on sexuality, gender, religion, ethnicity and cultural background is everyday life for many people in the world.

Cultural equality is challenged because of lack of respect and tolerance. We see it on the streets, in offices and in the media with a discriminatory rhetoric or an underlying sexist tone, causing topics such as nationality, gender discrimination and everyday sexism to pop up daily.

In 2017 we paid special attention to themes like ethnicity, religion, gender and sexuality in relation to the opportunities the culture, we are born into give us in life.

Our goal was, in collaboration with our guests, artists and partners, to become wiser on equality and to motivate and engage people to make decisions that promote world-wide equality.

We addressed equality through art, music, activities and donations. In Rising City the theme melted together with art, workshops, music, debates, talks and much more. Inspiring people and activities broadened your knowledge and challenged your positions on political equality and human rights.

As serious as this theme may be, it turned out that there are also fun ways of incorporating it. The festival facilitated a number of activities, including a gender workshop, a love factory, quizzes and debates.