We will increase the awareness about the environmental initiatives at Roskilde Festival amongst the festival guests

In step with the roll out of several environmental initiatives during the past years, the overall awareness of these efforts has also increased – and hopefully spread some inspiration – amongst festival-goers.

Every year, we ask our festival guests which sustainability initiatives they have payed attention to during the festival. In general, the awareness has increased, but of course some initiatives gain more attention than others. Some initiatives stretch over more than one year while others are especially prioritised in certain years.

From 2017 to 2018 the awareness of two initiatives has increased: Tap water options and sustainable transportation. Other initiatives enjoy less attention in 2018 compared to 2017. This can be explained by the fact that some initiatives have already been accomplished (90 pct. organic food in 2017) while other initiatives have been cancelled (donate your camping gear in 2018). Yet other initiatives such as waste are still of very high importance and thus an extra effort will be made to increase awareness hereof at the upcoming festival.

Festival volunteers are also asked about their sustainable awareness and behaviour at the festival. At the 2018 festival about half of all volunteers responded that they act just as sustainable at the festival as they do at home, and some 30 pct. responded that they act more sustainable at the festival than at home.

To encourage a greater sustainability culture and increase awareness about environmental initiatives amongst the festival volunteers, every year Roskilde Festival rewards the best environmental initiative. In 2018, this “Sustainability Award” was given to the ReUse initiative, which seeks a new home and use for festival furniture, building materials and even plants.