We wish to create a social and environmentally sustainable experience with food and beverages, challenging our own, the festival guests' and our collaborators view of festival food and drinks

Roskilde Festival has ambitious targets concerning the sustainability of the food we serve. Since 2014 Roskilde Festival has focused on increasing the share of organic food in the festival food stalls. In 2014 the goal was that 30% of the food served on the festival had to be organic and in 2017 a full 90%.

With the rich selection of various foods, 90% organic products is a progressive target, yet the goal was reached. In total, more than half of the food stalls achieved an organic percentage of 90% or higher, and almost one out of five served 100% organic food.

To raise awareness about the share of organic goods at each stall, we have developed a new organic label in dialogue with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. During the festival the share of organic goods in each stall was monitored and stalls achieving the 90% mark were able to use the Roskilde Festival 90% organic label.

The organic percentage is calculated based on the total purchases from all the food stalls counted in DKK.

Peter Ringtved, RF Grafik