Goals for sustainable procurement at Roskilde Festival

When possible, we will only buy and rent eco-labelled products. in 2017 our goal was to buy eco-labelled products and materials exclusively in 10 product groups.

All festival procurement can roughly be divided in 66 product groups. In 2017, products bought and rented within 11 of these groups were eco-labeled. That is one product group more than the goal as well as one product group more than last year.

The newcomer is electricity.

The festival has two sources of electric power: The primary source is the local power grid, but since this does not have the capacity to power the whole festival a fair share of electric power is also produced on site with generators and solar panels. The onsite generation cannot be eco-labeled, but the purchased electricity can. To make up for a local energy mix that is not 100 % sustainable, Guarantees of Origin are bought to compensate the total volume of the festival electricity purchase (one Guarantee of Origin equals one MWh of electricity generated from renewable energy).
The table below shows which eco-labels were used in the 11 product groups.

Peter Ringtved, RF Grafik