In 2021, Roskilde Festival takes place for the 50th time. This milestone calls for a celebration. Not just a celebration of the festival itself but also a celebration of the community at the festival – and the importance of it.

The 50th installment of Roskilde Festival celebrates the fact that Roskilde Festival - still - is a gathering place for generations of young people aswell the volunteers and their commitment, which is the life blood of the festival.

We will do this by marking what Roskilde Festival has always been about: supporting children and young people and giving them a voice, an opportunity and a free space. We want to look towards the future.

Roskilde Festival is both a presentation and reflection of the present time as well as bearer of the future.That’s how it has always been. That’s how it will remain.

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Now is your chance to join another unforgettable festival and reward your colleagues, clients or business partners with an out of the ordinary experience at Roskilde Festival.
When you give us your business you help us continue making festivals and spreading joy. Not only during the event itself but certainly also in the months after.

Our opportunities for companies are a part our work with collaborators. That makes you more than a customer. It makes you an aspiring participant in the creation of one of the biggest cultural events in the World.