Applications open: 1 March
Applications close: 1 June 12:00

Roskilde Festival Højskole will be hosting the newest initiative of community camping at Roskilde Festival: Common Ground. Common Ground will be located in section F in close proximity to Dream City, Central Park and the festival site.

At Common Ground, Roskilde Festival Højskole will bring life to the values of the Højskole tradition and create a place where community is a backbone in everything from collecting trash to partying. Common Ground will aspire to be a safer space regardless of gender, sexuality and ethnicity. Thus compassion, togetherness, care and understanding are the keywords that define Common Ground.

We believe that a shared sustainable future on this planet requires all of us and that we not only work together towards a common goal but that we also take care of each other along the way - our planet’s wellbeing and our fellow human’s mental wellbeing are our focus at Common Ground 2022.

Our focus is to create healthy and sustainable relations between our participants and at the same time we will be testing different ways of sorting trash and cleaning the area so mother earth doesn’t have to do it for us. We will be trying out new sustainable solutions in order to avoid the extremely wasteful white pavilions that break after two days and get thrown out. Thus, Common Ground will be a green’n’clean area. Thus the white plastic pavilions is a no go. If you want to bring an alternative cover to your camp, you therefore also agree to take it back home again, just like all your other camping equipment. You can also drop it off at our recycling stations so that nothing is left behind. 

We will be doing activities and events together in Common Ground throughout the festival.  So, whether you are a camp consisting of 1, 2 or 70 people we want your application and would love to hear what you will bring to the community in terms of activities and events that will bring us all a little bit closer together.

You apply by going to the application form at the top of the page. When applying you must also upload a short video about your camp.

We look forward to welcoming you and your camp at Common Ground!

Kind regards Roskilde Festival Højskole