OBS: Ansøgningen må gerne besvares på dansk
The personal data collected in this form is only for coordinating the camping areas. Roskilde Festival does not disclose any personal data or other information entered in this form to any third party. By filling out this form, you consent to our use of the collected data...
Name of all members in the camp
1 person - if you’re more than 25 people, then 2
Work, soccer, second grade, church or other
For example twice at Clean Out Loud and once in regular camping
Maximum 150 words. Video (max 30 seconds), photos and files can be attached at the end of the application
We are working with three main focuses: Energy - wind, kinetic, solar or other green forms of energy creation. Nourishment – food, drink, packaging, upcycling and everything we consume while at the festival. Upcycling – creative use of materials and recycling, fixing, extending the life of products and sharing innovative ideas to improve your camp. It is possible to have more than one focus
Name specific sustainable initiatives
Events, workshops, features, concepts throughout the festival or something completely different. Examples could be: "how to build a dome", bicycle chargers or kitchen gardens
E.g. Windmills, domes or other kick-ass constructions
Tents, unopened beers, food, camping chairs, mattresses, pavilions etc.
Camp photo, construction plans or photos of your clean spot from last year's Leave No Trace. Max. 5MB.