Your full festival ticket includes access to our regular camping area where you can bring your own tent.

Regular Camping
The true orange feeling

Your full festival ticket includes access to our regular (and spectacular) camping area where you can bring your own tent. You can also bring your own food, your own drinks, your own spoon and all those precious things.

The campsite is open from Saturday 27June to Sunday 5

The regular camping area is a Roskilde experience not to be missed. You choose your own spot and pitch your tent and your camp at your favourite spot on the festival. From then on, it's time to kick back, leave the everyday life behind and throw yourself head on into the abundance of experiences, events and fantastic people that you will meet around the campsite. 

What kind of services can you enjoy?
  • A great number of food stalls around the campsite
  • Shopping facilities including camping gear, groceries, pharmacies and a whole bunch of fun festival accessories (mainly in Rising City and East City)
  • Cloakrooms 
  • Free charging of your cell phone
  • Showers both cold (free) and warm
  • Toilet facilities in each camping area