Waiting list

This is an add-on to make your experience more comfortable. You will still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival to access the festival.

If you want to arrive to a 100 m2 area reserved for your camp, Get A Place is just the thing for you.

At Get A Place you have to bring your own tent and pitch it yourself, but we’ll make sure that a dedicated space is reserved for your camp until Sunday 30 June at 22:00. After this time the camping area will be open for the rest of the festival-goers and they are welcome to use any unused space, including unclaimed Get A Place areas.

Buy together, stay together
When you buy a Get A Place you can choose a section (se map) to camp in but you cannot pick a particular space.

If you and your friends want to camp close to each other, buy your Get A Places as part of the same order.

If that’s not possible, fill in this form after purchase with your names, e-mails and tickets order numbers and we will do what we can to help. Deadline: 15 March.

Arrival and access to the area
The waiting area for Get A Place will open on Saturday 29 June at 12.00. It is not possible to arrive any earlier. And remember, you have a reserved and assigned space, so no need to stress.

You don’t need a special wristband to enter the Get A Place campsite. Everyone with a regular festival wristband has access, but the area is reserved for you until Sunday 30 June at 22:00.

Get A Place


DKK 2000 + fee


Up to 25 festival-goers: 10 x 10 m per voucher


Area P (see map)

Opening date:

Saturday 29 June at 16:00

Reservation ends:

Sunday 30 June at 22:00

How to get there:

Through designated waiting area at Entrance South

Entrance booking:

Included in your Get A Place voucher for you camp

Closed for visitors: