This is an add-on to make your experience more comfortable. You will still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival to access the festival.

If you want to arrive to a 100 m2 reserved area for your camp, Get A Place is the thing for you.

At Get A Place you must bring your own tent and pitch it yourself, but we’ll make sure that a space is reserved for your camp until Sunday 28 June at 16:00. After that the camping area will be open for the rest of the festivalgoers and they are welcome to use any unused space, including that on your pre-booked Get A Place.

Get A Place deposit
When you buy a Get A Place, you’ll have to pay a deposit of DKK 1000. The deposit will be refunded when your spot is clean, and your tent(s) is packed down and taken home (or handed in at the reception of the area).

The deposit will be refunded at the reception after you’ve created a profile in your RF Wallet and connected your 1000 DKK. The amount will automatically get transferred to your payment card within 3 weeks of the festival.

Buy together, stay together
If you and your friends want to camp next to each other, buy your Get A Places as part of the same order.

If that’s not possible, fill in this form after purchase with your names, e-mails and tickets order numbers and we will do what we can to help. Deadline: 1 June.

Arrival and access to the area
You don’t need a special wristband to enter the Get A Place campsite. Everyone with a regular festival wristband has access, but the area is reserved for you until Sunday 28 June at 16:00.

Get A Place


2500 DKK + fee


1000 DKK


Up to 25 festivalgoers: 10 x 10 m


Area P (see map)

Opening date:

Saturday 27 June at 16:00

Reservation ends:

Sunday 28 June at 16:00

How to get there:

Entrance Southeast