What is Handicamp?
Handicamp is an area at Roskilde Festival where there’s room for diversity. At Handicamp, we have space for people with big or small disabilities, people with physical or mental disabilities, friends, family and helpers. There’s no access control – everyone can freely come and visit, and we’re always happy to see guests. At Handicamp, we help each other with keeping the area clean and we avoid loud music, especially at night.

Which facilities do you have at Handicamp?

Toilet and showering facilities
The toilet and showering facilities at Handicamp are really nice. As an example, we have a showering trailer with a built-in lift. Just like everywhere else at Roskilde Festival, you pay for hot showers. We have hosts who are ready to give a helping hand when needed.

Power for recharging of assistive equipment

You can use electricity for your tent or camper. The power can only be used for recharging of assistive devices, not for electric kettles or air condition. You must bring your own cable with a CEE-plug, which is also common at other camping areas. At Handicamp, we've also got a charging tent where you can recharge your electric wheelchair when needed.

Can I bring my own camper?
We can give you the option of sleeping in your own camper at Handicamp if it's vital for you (e.g., because you need a ventilator). You can only drive your camper into the area once and out again once. This means that you can't use your camper to run errands or go grocery shopping etc. during the festival period.

What should I bring to Handicamp?
You must bring your own tent. There aren’t any pitched tents or camping huts that you can stay in at Handicamp.

How do I get to Handicamp by car?
If you arrive by car and have a blue parking sign, you can drive all the way to Handicamp to drop off your luggage. Once you’ve dropped off your luggage, you must drive your car out of the camping area. There are no parking areas at Handicamp but there are handicap parking spots in all parking areas around the festival.

Where is Handicamp located?
Handicamp is in Special Camping East, close to the Arena stage.

How do I join Handicamp?
If you want to stay at Handicamp, sign up here.

Want to know more?
You are always welcome to write handicapservice@roskilde-festival.dk. We also have a Facebook group with relevant information.