If you want to bring your motorcycle to the festival, we have a special area for you. This area is for both accommodation and parking, which makes it possible to keep an eye on the bike. 

This is an add-on to make your experience more comfortable. You will still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival to access the festival. 

One ticket per vehicle. 

Access to the area 

The MC Camping campsite will open at Saturday 24 June at 16:00, with the possibility of Early Entry from 10:00 to 16:00 (Early Entry can be booked during the spring) 

You don’t need a special wristband to enter the MC Camping campsite, but you need one to camp in the area. Everyone with a regular festival wristband has access, but the area and its bathing facilities is reserved for you all week 

Upon arrival: 

Remember to bring your voucher/MC Camping ticket when you arrive to the area.  
It's not possible to choose a specific location in the MC Camping area, but if you wish to camp together with a group, make sure to arrive at the same time. 
It is not necessary to exchange the ticket to a festival wristband first. After you have settled, please go to exchange your ticket to a festival wristband in the Caravan area. From Sunday 25 June, you must exchange your ticket to a wristband at one of the general festival entrances. 

The following rules apply for MC Camping area: 

  • Any use of open fire is strictly forbidden. 
  • You are not allowed to camp or park in the fire escape 'streets'. 
  • You are not allowed to use any kind of generators at the area. 
  • Any driving in the area is forbidden, except for driving in connection with parking or leaving the area. 
  • Unnecessary use of the motorcycle inside the area can cause immediate expulsion and the guest will be referred to the regular camping and parking area. 
  • You are not allowed to bring furniture other than regularly sized camping furniture, neither to bring construction materials to the camping areas – this includes larger metal constructions. 
  • The guests are asked to follow the regulations given to them by the festival service guards. 
MC Camping 
  • Price: 350 DKK  
  • Location: Caravan North (see map) 
  • Opening date: Saturday 24 June at 16:00, with the possibility of Early Entry from 10:00 to 16:00 (Early Entry can be booked during the spring) 
  • Reservation ends: Never 
  • How to get there: Through Darupvang 
Let’s make Roskilde greener 

When we’re living together at Roskilde Festival, we need to keep our community fantastic. This also means that we need to take care of our beautiful festival grounds. We want to break with the throw-away culture. The green future of the planet is our joint responsibility.

When you actively reduce, sort and recycle before, during and after Roskilde Festival, you’re making a huge difference. 

  • Reduce means to bring as little as possible from home. 
  • Sort means that you help keep the festival clean by sorting your waste. 
  • Recycle means that you take your stuff home and use it again.