Roskilde Festival is now available for your green start-up. Apply for participation in the Circular lab at the festival in 2022 now. 

Do you have a new solution that can help us recycle rather than throw stuff away? Do you want to test the strength of your circular business model? Or can your product, design or methods contribute to a circular future?

Then you should join the Circular Lab as we turn Roskilde Festival into a test platform for circular products and ideas.

With 130,000 inhabitants, Roskilde Festival is Denmark's fourth largest city for eight days.

The festival environment offers a great opportunity to stress-test your product and gather knowledge and data on how the inhabitants interact with your solution.

The temporary nature of the festival community also offers a unique and easily accessible platform in terms of integrating and testing new solutions that have the potential to help lower our CO2 footprint.

Circular Lab offers:

  • An opportunity to test your solution with full access to the festival
  • Assistance in implementing your test in the best possible way in a relevant area of the festival
  • Access to a network including mentors, partners, other businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Participation in The Circular Lab’s alumni network
  • Access to new knowledge
  • Exposure to relevant target groups and potential investors

Expectations and terms:

  • By participating we expect you to share your knowledge gathered in the Circular Lab.
  • Participating and testing do not include donations or funding from the Circular Lab. However, we can assist with minor matters in connection with implementation at the festival site (e.g. printing of signs)
  • Your personal commitment and work effort is expected during the test period.
Our selection criteria:

We focus on circular products and ideas in the following six categories:

  • Construction & housing
  • Transport
  • Resources & waste
  • Food & beverage
  • Energy
  • Products & textiles (including camping gear)

Roskilde festival does not have to be a main target group for your solution – as long as it is possible to test your product at the festival, you are very welcome to apply.

We assess the solutions based on the following criteria:

  • Test readiness
  • Innovation
  • Emphasis on product development (e. g. not sales)
  • contribution to solving a broader climate related challenge
  • Value added to the green transition
  • Value added to the festival experience, the festival organisation or society in general
  • Scalability
  • Age: We focus on entrepreneurs under 30 years of age
Application and assessment process:
  • Fill out this application form before Monday 1 November at 12.00.
  • The first pre-qualification round will take place in November.
  • By 1 December, we will inform you as to whether your project is included in the final selection.
  • The final selection will take place January-February 2022

Once you have applied, we will inform you about the process.


Click here for contact information.