The Circular Lab gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to test and develop innovative green solutions at Roskilde Festival. The aim is to increase the influence of young people on a more sustainable future and influence the climate behaviour of citizens in general.

With 130,000 residents, Roskilde Festival is comparable to a larger city. At the same time, the temporariness makes the festival community a unique platform to test new sustainable solutions on with a potential to change the behaviour in society.

The Tuborg Foundation and Roskilde Festival have created The Circular Lab.

The laboratory will provide at least 200 young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to lead the way and develop ambitious circular solutions of the future.

Circular solutions are, for instance, about designing long-lasting products or developing new models for rights of use of a product.

The main platform of the laboratory will be Roskilde Festival.

In the project, entrepreneurs gain systematic access to knowledge, professional networks, other companies and potential investors who can take their solutions forward and create a more solid business foundation.

The ambition is to help green entrepreneurs of the future on their way by creating a framework where they can challenge and test their concrete solutions in a flexible and huge laboratory filled with people and possibilities.

At the same time, the laboratory's solutions should raise awareness of green behaviour among festival participants and contribute to a significant reduction in festival waste.

The Tuborg Foundation has granted DKK 7,565,000 (approx. EUR 1 million) to The Circular Lab. Their biggest grant given in the year of 2020.

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