We are developing circular solutions of the future and lead the way towards more sustainable behaviour. On these pages you can read more about background and purpose, and as an entrepreneur you can familiarise yourself with the terms to be a part of the lab.

Roskilde Festival and The Tuborg Foundation have established The Circular Lab.

We want to give the next generation of young entrepreneurs a greater influence, and we want to push for a greener development and influence a pro-climate behaviour of everyone.

Towards 2025, we will involve at least 200 young entrepreneurs in the development of circular solutions of the future.

The main platform will be Roskilde Festival. Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to test their solutions on a young audience in a temporary environment.

We ended up changing our product after the test at Roskilde Festival. Now we have a cheaper, newer product than what we thought we were going to go with. But people liked the second much better, and we were very surprised at how significant the difference was

At the same time, they gain access to knowledge and networks and thus the opportunity to bring their solutions further and create a solid business foundation.

Take a look at how it all went down in 2023.

How to participate
The deadline for applications for this year's festival was 15 January 2024, and the application link is therefore closed. But if you are interested in hearing how you can become part of The Circular Lab and join a unique network that can help you further and test your solution for other events throughout the year, you are very welcome to contact us.