Do you hold the key to a circular future? And do you want to test it on a unique and easily accessible platform? Then apply to become part of the Circular Lab at Roskilde Festival '23.

There is no way around it. The world is in need of circular solutions that can close the resource cycle, so that we do not pollute the environment and emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but take care of our common resources in a sustainable way.

For the second year in a row, The Circular Lab offers the entire Roskilde Festival as a test platform for circular products and ideas, where you can test circular business models, ideas, products, and designs.

Before you read any further, take a look at how things went down in 2022.

Now you can apply to become a part of The Circular Lab at Roskilde Festival in 2023, when the festival and its 130,000 residents will become Denmark's fourth largest city for eight days running.

Roskilde Festival offers ample opportunity to gather knowledge and data about the participants' interaction with your solution, or you can stress test the solution in an environment with many people.

At the same time, the temporary nature makes the festival community a unique and easily accessible platform in relation to integrating and testing new solutions, which have the potential to contribute to lowering our CO2 footprint and resource consumption. 

You can send an application via this link no later than 19 January 2023. The final selection will take place in February 2023. Once you have applied, you will hear more about the process.

We found the limit of what our boards could do – we would never have found that if we hadn't had this testing opportunity

Here is what you can gain from participating in The Circular Lab: 

  • An opportunity to test your solution with full access to the festival 
  • Assistance in implementing your test in the best possible way in a relevant area of the festival 
  • Access to a network including businesses professionals, investors and entrepreneurs 
  • Workshops and entrepreneurial arangements  
  • Access to free office space and use of meeting rooms in the innovation house KU Lighthouse (insert link): Lighthouse – Københavns Universitet ( 
  • The Circular Laboratory's Alumni network 

Expectations and terms:

  • If you participate in the Circular Laboratory's test platform, you commit to participating in preparatory workshops and sharing the collected knowledge with the laboratory.  
  • You take responsibility for and execute your own test. 
  • No money is included from the Circular Laboratory for the development of your solution. 
  • Contract is signed before testing on terms and attendance

Our selection criteria

The solutions may well have a target group that is not related to Roskilde Festival, as long as the product can be tested within the framework of the festival. 

We assess the solutions based on the following criteria: 

  • Test readiness
  • Innovation
  • Contribution to green transition 
  • Value added to the festival experience, the festival organisation or society in general 
  • Scalability 
  • Age: The Circular Lab's target group is young entrepreneurs primarily under the age of 30

Read here what two entrepreneurs got out of testing their products in the Circular Lab at Roskilde Festival 2022.

Plastic Projects tested the use of recycled plastic as a building material: 

"The test showed that our boards were too thin and bent over time. We have therefore subsequently developed a new production method which means that we now can make beams and thicker plates. We found the limit of what our boards could do – we would never have found that if we hadn't had this testing opportunity”. 

Tempty Foods, which develops alternatives to meat, tested their products on consumers: 

 "We ended up changing our product after the test at Roskilde Festival. Now we have a cheaper, newer product than what we thought we were going to go with. But people liked the second much better, and we were very surprised at how significant the difference was”.


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