Outdoor sinks, toilet trailers and tables and benches, which are normally used at the festival, are now installed at schools and daycares to make it easier for children and adults to spend more time outside.

Good standards of hygiene are essential and a distance must be kept when nurseries, kindergartens and schools reopen for children up to the sixth grade. This means that more classes will be taught outdoors, and younger children have to spend more time outdoors as well.

Roskilde Festival has supplied several municipalities in Zealand, including Roskilde Municipality, with equipment that will make it easier for both children and adults to live up to the new guidelines.

“We have to spend much more time outdoors in school and daycare. And we need to wash hands really often. So, this definitely eases the reopening. And it is great that a local partner can do the job quickly and efficiently,” says Tomas Breddam, Mayor of Roskilde Municipality.

More than 300 sinks
So far, Roskilde Festival has delivered a total of more than 300 outdoor sinks, 32 toilet trailers, 1.6 kilometres of fence, 80 sets of tables and benches and 32 tents. Everything has been delivered and installed during Easter.

“The institutions must be able to divide the children into smaller groups. Some will have to be inside while others are outdoors, and it has to be easy to wash hands or get inside a tent if it rains,” says Claus Egebjerg, operations and leasing manager at RF Experience, which is part of the Roskilde Festival Group. He adds:

“We are very happy to be able to help others in this situation, including our own municipality.”

Much of the equipment normally used at the festival is rented out and used at other large events throughout the year. Under normal circumstances, everything is used at Roskilde Festival. But without a Roskilde Festival this year, the equipment can be used to make institutions ready to reopen instead.

RF Experience

All year round, Roskilde Festival uses the skills from working with the festival which has existed since 1971.

This is executed through RF Experience, which is part of the Roskilde Festival Group.

Each year, RF Experience takes part in about 250 events and delivers various solutions.

RF Experience is responsible for the collaboration with the municipalities on getting the institutions ready to reopen.

Find out more about RF Experience here (In Danish only).