Outbuildings, constructed in a few days, will ensure that patients with corona are separated from everyone else.

Rows of white tents cover the parking lot at Hvidovre Hospital. This is a new unit that receives all patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19.

“A separate entry has been made to prevent the spread of infection between patients. The ambulances can deliver patients, and a tent corridor several hundred meters long ensures that patients can get to the right ward without having to go through the hospital,” says Dennis Pallesgaard, senior electrical fitter at Roskilde Festival.

 Tent corridor.

Hvidovre Hospital receives corona patients in need of treatment from a total of 10 municipalities.

Experienced in building temporary installations

Roskilde Festival has installed lighting in the new outbuildings and has supplied with generators that power both lighting and heat in the tents, while the company Ajos has had the overall responsibility for the construction. The temporary unit was built in a few days.

Seperate examination rooms.

“We are used to building temporary installations and to do it fast – every summer we turn a bare field into Denmark’s fourth largest city with all it entails of logistics and solutions that can withstand all kinds of weather,” says Dennis Pallesgaard.

Throughout the year, Roskilde Festival develops various solutions for organisations, companies, unions and institutions, who need some of the skills that the festival has gained from organising the largest cultural event for young people in northern Europe since 1971. Often these are total solutions where the festival crew delivers everything from idea to a finished product.

Seperate entry where ambulances can deliver patients.

RF Experience

When Roskilde Festival delivers solutions for others, the work is done under the company RF Experience, which is is part of the Roskilde Festival Group. This is also the case in the collaboration with Hvidovre Hospital.

Read more about RF Experience here (In Danish only). 

Hvidovre Hospital has made this drone film, describing the new outbuildings in detail.