Roskilde Festival donates DKK 1,000,000 (approx. EUR 134,000) to the non-profit organisation RAPOLITICS enabling them to create a 24-hour festival for hip-hop and activism.

Every year, Roskilde Festival donates all profits from the festival to charity. With the open call ‘Young Voices’, most of the profits from Roskilde Festival 2019 where made available for organisations and initiatives created by, for or with young people, who could apply for a donation.

A total of 296 applications were submitted. Roskilde Festival has chosen to support 32 recipients. One of them is RAPOLITICS who has applied for funding for Re:ACT, a 24-hour festival on Youth Island, a youth camp on an artificial island located between Copenhagen and Malmö.

At Re:ACT, 75 young people, along with 25 hip-hop artists, will put some of the challenges that young people face into words.

“We wish to challenge the way we usually debate and engage with the community by showing how art and culture can give a voice to young people,” says Mathias Findalen Bickersteth, general manager of RAPOLITICS, adding:

“Re:ACT is a laboratory where we listen to the young people’s cry for change. Can we discuss climate policy, the #Metoo campaign or the situation regarding quota refugees through graffiti pieces, beatbox and breakdance? Can you scratch a feminist statement? And can one learn more about oneself and one’s own attitudes through rap and spoken word?”

Communities and political art

Based on hip-hop culture, RAPOLITICS work with various initiatives to contribute to a youth generation that , is able to and dare to challenge and expand the democratic conversation – through culture, art and creativity.

“We see a huge potential in contributing to giving more young people the skills, tools and motivation to use political art as a platform, both to foster self-confidence and courage and to create strong and creative communities,” says Mathias Findalen Bickersteth.

Re:Act will take place in May 2021. 

Every year, Roskilde Festival donates all profits to humanitarian, other charitable, non-profit and cultural work with a special focus on children and young people. Since 1972, the festival has generated more than DKK 420,000,000 (approx. EUR 56,400,000) for these purposes.

‘Young Voices’ is the most ambitious open call the festival has ever launched. 32 initiatives within arts, music, social change, environment and climate have received a total of DKK 15,000,000 (approx. EUR 2,000,000) of the festival’s profits from 2019.