On Saturday 4 July 2020, Roskilde Festival facilitates the digital event ‘Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’. The aim is to support the community around the festival and to raise funds for charity.

Every year, Roskilde Festival donates all profits to charity. Since 1972, the festival has donated DKK 420,000,000 (approx. EUR 56,375,000) to projects supporting children and young people, humanitarian and cultural work.

This year, there is no festival and for the first time in the festival’s long history no profit to distribute. That’s why Roskilde Festival has produced a special Roskilde Festival wristband. The purpose is to raise money for projects and initiatives that support young people’s opportunities – just as the festival’s profits would normally do. 

You can join too.

The wristband costs DKK 200 (approx. EUR 27) and can be purchased until 4 July, which should have been the culminating closing day of this year’s Roskilde Festival. It is also possible to buy a support ticket for DKK 50 (approx. EUR 7) or donate an optional amount. All profits from the sale of donation wristbands, tickets and donations go in full to initiatives who work to create opportunities for and give a voice to young people.

Roskilde Festival has previously supported The Danish Red Cross Youth, LGBT+ Youth and The Green Student Movement, among many others.

“Roskilde Festival is basically a fundraising event. Each year, we experience how young people grow with the community and the free space at the festival, and how music, art and activism move and inspire. With our donations, we support initiatives and projects that work to engage and support young people, their voices and their ability to act. Now, without a festival this year, it was obvious for us to do another kind of fundraising with the same purpose,” says Christina Bilde, Roskilde Fetsival’s spokeswoman.

Roskilde Festival – DIY
Wristbands, tickets and donations are part of Roskilde Festival’s initiative ‘Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’, a celebration of the great community surrounding the festival. A community that cannot meet at the festival this year but has planned to celebrate the festival and throw private parties all over.

130,000 people usually meet up these days to celebrate freedom, community and music in Roskilde. With ‘Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’, participants can get some of the festival vibe at home instead.

Roskilde Festival has produced guides for poster making, for building an outdoor refrigerator and for giving an engaging opening speech for guests. Participants can also find inspiration to incorporate art and activism into their private festivals and playlists made by the festival’s bookers.


Partners contribute to private festivals
Several of the festival’s partners also contribute to ‘Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’.

Soundboks has produced a Roskilde Festival Limited Edition speaker where DKK 600 (approx. EUR 80) of the selling price goes to support children and young people. And the clothing brand (di)vision has designed a T-shirts made from former festival T-shirts. For each T-shirt sold, DKK 80 (approx. EUR 10) is also donated to initiatives that support children and young people.

The deli Meyers Madhus also contributes with a sandwich kit that participants can order to get the ingredients for Meyer’s pork roast sandwich which has become a signature dish at Roskilde Festival. 15 percent of the revenue goes to charity.


Roskilde Festival - do it yourself

Every year, Roskilde Festival donates all profits to charity with a special focus on children and young people.

Donation wristbands, tickets and donations given as a part of ‘Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’ ensure that a number of initiatives and projects can also receive financial support in 2020.

Wristbands and tickets can be purchased here.

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