Foto: AdeY

Sensuality, fragility and the artistic haven is what it is all about when dance company Corpus and Roskilde Festival come together to create a performance.

This spring offers a very special premiere when the result of a cross-cultural collaboration between dance company Corpus, part of the Royal Danish Theatre, and Roskilde Festival opens. Sensuality Happens is the title of the work that has been created and staged by Danish singer, Lydmor, and the progressive American choreographer, Eleanor Bauer.

"It’s a bit like 'shit happens’. And then sensuality happens. Sensuality happens like shit happens. It’s a bit punk. Sensuality has an interesting quality. By sensuality, I also mean fragility. I struggle a bit to say hey, that entire space that is intuitive, sensed, wordless, it also has its place," says Jenny Rossander aka Lydmor.

When I move into the performing arts, I’m suddenly very free

According to artistic director of Corpus, Tim Matiakis, it is also about picking at the normative perceptions of body and gender:

"Is it allowed to be sensual without wanting to have sex? Is it possible to be sexual without being sensual? What is the spectrum? What are the norms for what is and is not allowed and what are we allowed to challenge?"

Erase boundaries and create new

Roskilde Festival has entered into several cross-artistic projects, of which some of the competencies made by the festival in relation to music and live formats are put into play with the performing arts. Another collaborator is Danish theatre Betty Nansen Teatret where various musicians play concerts in existing scenographies.

Lydmor. Photo: PR

When it comes to the collaboration with Corpus, the idea is to try to create a new form, where dance and music fuse and become something new:

"We want to erase boundaries. I’m probably going to dance and the dancers will be singing and playing instruments. We must create something together with the tools we have. We erase all rules and begin, as if we were all completely new at everything,"says Jenny Rossander.

An artistic haven

For Roskilde Festival it is also about giving young, musical talents a chance to explore their potential:

"The idea is to create a haven where artists can unfold freely, where music and dance are not separate, but become a whole, and where the audience can get a completely different experience from what they’re used to," says Thomas Jepsen, music booker at Roskilde Festival and a part of the cross-artistic collaborations.

Eleanor Bauer. Photo: Frederik Andersson 

And according to Lydmor that is exactly what happens:

"It’s somehow incredibly liberating. I make records and give concerts and I love it. But it’s also a rigid format with tour dates and Spotify. When I cross over into the performing arts, I’m suddenly very free. I don’t need to do something that goes viral or that represents me as an artist. It’s more about how we can reach this feeling or think together. That gives me so much creativity. My music is influenced by what I do with the performing arts and vice versa."

The performance is shown both at the Royal Danish Theater and at Roskilde Festival No.50.


Choreography  set design : Eleanor Bauer

Composer: Lydmor

Sound design: Jonatan Winbo

Costume design: Mark Tan

Shows  at Roskilde Festival no. 50 (from 27.06.2020-04.07.2020)