Can I bring a companion to Roskilde Festival?

If you are disabled and need to bring a companion with you to Roskilde Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. As proof of your needs you must be able to present

  • A companion card issued by Danske Handicaporganisationer or
  • A corresponding foreign card (see list below).

If you do not have such a card but nevertheless believe that you are eligible to bring a companion with you for free, please write to handicapservice@roskilde-festival.dk.

How will my companion gain access?

  • If you are a guest, you must purchase a Disabled-with-Companion ticket at Ticketmaster. They are sold both as full festival tickets and one-day tickets. If you’ve already bought a regular ticket, Ticketmaster can help you switch it to a Disabled with Companion ticket.
  • If you are volunteer, please contact your team leader.
  • You and your companion must accompany each other when arriving at Roskilde Festival.
  • You must be able to provide documentation for your need for a companion, either in the form of a companion card or an approval from handicapservice@roskilde-festival.dk.

About companions

  • You may bring 1 companion with you to Roskilde Festival. The companion can be replaced by another during the festival: when your one companion leaves the area, another may come in and take over.
  • If you are a guest, you and your companion will receive regular wristbands. A Disabled-with-Companion ticket does not allow access to special areas. You must use the regular audience entrances.
  • If you are volunteer, your companion will have access to the same areas that you have access to.

Practical information  

  • There are many accessible toilets at Roskilde Festival. Most accessible toilets are locked so that they can only be used by people with special needs.
  • Most of the stage areas have podiums that are designed for people in wheelchairs, etc.
  • Roskilde Festival has a campsite, "Handi-camp", which is designed and reserved for guests with special needs or disabilities. If you have questions or special needs that we can take into consideration, please write to handicapservice@roskilde-festival.dk.

RF Our Way (Facebook group)

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Foreign companion cards accepted on par with a Danish companion card: