Roskilde Festival Højskole is a new folk high school founded on the ideals of Roskilde Festival.

We create our folk high school in an abandoned factory in a creative district. Here we offer an open and challenging space for students to reinvent themselves and let their passion become practice and new ideas.

Roskilde Festival Højskole offer courses in music, leadership, activism, journalism, art, design and architecture.

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What is a folk high school?

A folk high school offers non-formal education. Most students are between 18 and 24 years old and the length of a typical stay is 4-6 months. You sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time at the school. There are no academic requirements for admittance and there are no exams - but you will get a diploma as a proof of your attendance. Danish language skills are required.

Folk high school is all about formation of character
  • Formation of character through action
    To release our human potential we seek to take active action together in real life situations in order to make communities better.
  • Formation of character is a challenge and an opportunity
    Formation of character is a lifelong journey that is brought to its potential through personal courage and community participation.
  • Formation of character within a community
    Each individual is rooted in a community. No person can create himself or herself – alone.