Q&A about accreditation for Roskilde Festival 2020

Here we have gathered the answers to a line of practical questions about accreditation and working conditions to help you get easily through Check-In and settle in at Roskilde Festival.


What is accreditation?
To get access to Roskilde Festival as a media including access to the festival’s press facilities you need an accreditation. You must apply for media accreditation, and we recommend you study the criteria for accreditation before you and your media apply.

How can I apply?
Please fill out the application form available here.

When is the deadline for application for accreditation?
Deadline for applying for media accreditation to Roskilde Festival is 1 May 2020.

How much does accreditation cost?
An accreditation fee is 550 DKK for all days and 350 DKK for one day. Why is there a fee? Please remember that the festival is non-profit. The payment contributes to Roskilde Festival’s expenses concerning the establishment of the Press Centre and a variety of service facilities for accredited press in Backstage Village. 

How do I apply for accreditation as a freelancer?
Freelancers must turn to his/her employer and have the employer apply for accreditation on their behalf.

Can I get access to Roskilde Festival presenting only my press card?
No. The press is only allowed access to the festival area with valid accreditation. Your press card alone does not give you access.

Conditions on and around the festival site

Where can I sleep and how much does it cost?
You can pay for Restricted Camping where you will find toilets and hot showers. This applies for both camping in your own tent and your own caravan.

Beacuse this camping area is primarily used during the main festival period, it opens Wednesday 1 July at 7:00 a.m. If you choose this option, please note that you must order before the festival (to be purchased after receiving accreditation).

The prepaid price for staying in your own tent is 375 DKK from 1 July at 7:00 a.m. to 5 July at 12:00 pm (noon).
The prepaid price for staying in your own caravan is 1775 DKK for the entire festival period. 

Prices for accommodation is to be determined. 

Please note that caravan space is only available in advance sale. There is no electricity.

Furthermore, feel free to camp with the audience – at no extra charge.

Where can I park my car?
We recommend leaving the car at home and instead use the formidable public transportation options. We cannot guarantee any parking spots close to the festival site. However, you can check the parking signs as you approach the festival area.

Arrival at the festival

The Festival Site is situated south of the town of Roskilde. If you arrive by train, get off the train at Roskilde Station. From Roskilde Station you can easily continue to the festival area by bus, taxi or by foot.

Do not take the train from Roskilde Station to the festival station before having checked in. It is not possible to get from the train station in the festival camping area to Check-In without a valid festival wristband.

Where is Check-In situated?
Check In is situated in Roskilde Handelsskole, Building 6, Bakkesvinget 67 (north of the motorway and the festival area).

Check-In for media opens Saturday 27 June at noon. Check-In is open around the clock.

What is Backstage Village?

Backstage Village is where you can work and meet your colleagues. It is Roskilde Festival’s working place and meeting point for members of the press, the music industry and the partners of the festival.

A large number of media, record labels, managements and agencies can be found in Backstage Village, and this is also the place where the media prepare and carry out their work. You will find Backstage Village north of the festival site, east of the Orange Stage.

What can I use the Press Centre and Media Service for?
You will find both The Press Centre and Media Service in the western part of Backstage Village.

The Press Centre is for press only. It offers a place for you to work and to use a range of services to make your working day easier, such as storage and work spaces.

In the Press Centre you will find a number of computers and Wi-Fi at your disposal. Feel free to use our 24 hour surveyed wardrobe for equipment storage. Personal effects must be covered by private insurance or the firm’s insurance as storage is at one’s own account.

The Press Centre and its facilities are for accredited media only.

Opening hours for Press Centre:
10am – 10pm from Saturday 27 June till Tuesday 4 July
Around the clock from 1 July at 8am till 4 July at noon.

The Media Service is an information and service office for the media and other accredited. You will find information about changes in the programme, and we will try to answer all kinds of questions relating to your working day at the festival.

You will find Media Service in Backstage Village in the Press Centre. 

Opening hours for Media Service:
Noon – 10pm from Saturday 27 June till Tuesday 4 July
10am – midnight from Wednesday 1 July till Saturday 4 July
9am – noon on Sunday 4 July

Equipment, permissions and requests

When do I need a permission to bring recording equipment?
If you want to bring your live footage and/or sound recording equipment to the inner part of the Festival Site you must enter a signed agreement with Roskilde Festival prior to the festival.

Feel free to bring and use any recording devices in the camping areas without a special agreement.

Cameras designated to still photography are allowed on both the inner part of the Festival Site and on the camping areas regardless of the size of the equipment.

All accredited media in need of a live footage agreement to sign can find it on People Pro under "Deadlines" - once accreditation is confirmed.

How do I achieve permission to record the concerts?
All rights to record concerts – both video and sound – belong to the artist. Recordings are forbidden without a written permission granted by the management of the artist or the artist him-/herself. If you have obtained permission through your own contacts, this permission must be in the hands of Roskilde Festival not later than 21 June.

As a main guideline, a record label CANNOT grant such an authorisation.

Prior to and during the event, clearing of rights is handled by Roskilde Festival. Please contact Fabian Uth Nielsen, who can help clear rights to acquire permissions for recording of concerts. Get in touch at fabian.uth@roskilde-festival.dk

Can I buy concert recordings?
Video: Through Roskilde Festival’s rights’ coordinator, professional media can get help to obtain the right from the artist to use video recordings based on big screen production at the Orange Stage and Arena. These recordings can be purchased at a low production price in professional quality. The recording will only take place if a written agreement is settled in advance. It is not possible to get recordings afterwards.

Approach the Roskilde Festival’s rights’ coordinator via email, no later than 29 May: fabian.uth@roskilde-festival.dk

Do I need permission to take concert photos?
A concert photo permission will be granted to a very limited number of professional photographers. It is, however, allowed to take pictures anywhere else without a special permission and with a “normal size” equipment; just not in the photo pit in front of the stages.

How do I make interview appointments with Roskilde Festival?
We are happy to tell about our festival. Feel free to contact the festival for interview with the spokeswoman and/or other festival representatives.

May I use and film with drones near/over the festival?
No, for security reasons, we do not permit this.

How do I make interview appointments with the performing artists?
You will have to make a direct agreement with the artist which is often done through the management or the record company. It is a good idea to make the agreements early.