Open for applications from spring 2019

If you wish to cover Roskilde Festival for a media as a journalist or photographer, you have to apply for accreditation through your media.

When granting media access to Roskilde Festival through accreditation, our focus is to achieve a good combination of serious journalists and media across genres and interests rather than getting the largest possible output in coverage.

We focus on the following criteria:

  • The media is serious and professional.
  • The application includes a specific description of editorial goals, areas of focus and target audience.
  • Accredited media comprise a representative focus on the focal areas of Roskilde Festival, being music, volunteering, art, architecture, social responsibility, food, technology and innovation.
  • Roskilde Festival is not used as a background setting for an activity that might as well take place at any other location.
  • The applicant – if previously accredited at Roskilde Festival – has sent us their editorial output as proof of their festival coverage.
  • We have received the application on time – and not after the deadline.

This means not every applicant will receive accreditation.

All accredited media are expected to respect the festival-goers’ unique festival experience; they are at risk of being portrayed in ways they may not want, and it is the media’s responsibility to respect this when covering the festival. An approved accreditation is editorial consent. Thank you.

Each year, we receive numerous applications from media and production companies, who wish to make larger productions ( e.g. shots for feature films or documentaries) at Roskilde Festival. We urge you to apply as early as possible if you have an idea for a larger media production at Roskilde Festival. These applications take a long time to process as the production often requires different and more complex service, counselling, moveability and access.

Please make sure you read our Q&A about accreditation.