Full festival and one-day tickets are sold out for the 50th edition of Roskilde Festival. If you are looking for factual information about tickets for the festival, we have gathered the following.  

Facts about the tickets

  • The vast majority of the participants make their debut at Roskilde Festival when they are under 25 years old. But with just 5,000 refunded partout tickets in 2021, another generation missed their chance to attend their first Roskilde Festival. We therefore put 5,000 extra tickets up for sale, which only give access to young people under 25 years of age.
  • 85,000 full festival tickets and 20,000 one-day tickets for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are for sale for Roskilde Festival 2022. 5,000 of the full festival tickets only give access to people under 25 years of age. Read more about it under “Information about the participants”.
  • The price for a full festival ticket is DKK 2250 equal to (approx. EUR 300).
  • The price for a one-day ticket is DKK 1100 (approx. EUR 150).
  • Festival tickets in all categories are sold out. People who do not have a ticket can sign up to volunteer.
  • Roskilde Festival's official ticket vendor is Ticketmaster.