Photo: Mia Dernoff

Roskilde Festival's donations aim to bring the dreams of young people to life. Here, you can learn more about how we use donations to support the well-being and involvement of children and young people as well as new ideas for a more sustainable world.

The Roskilde Festival group is a non-profit and charitable organisation.

This means that all financial profit from Roskilde Festival – and from all our activities throughout the year – is distributed to initiatives that benefit children and young people as well as cultural work.

Our donations are not limited to money. This means, that we leverage our knowledge, network and activities in our cooperation with partners year-round.

When you buy a ticket or participate as a volunteer, you therefore play a part in improving the quality of life for many people around the world.

Catalyst for involvement

Our donations must work as catalysts for the involvement of children and young people. Donations should enhance the influence of young people and generate new ideas for a more sustainable world – from a climate, social and cultural perspective.

The greatest challenges of our times will be overcome in communities. When we select donation causes, we priorities volunteering, diverse communities and cross-disciplinary forms of cooperation. We want to strengthen the importance of art in communities and stimulate growth.

Focus towards 2025: bring the dreams of young people to life 

In the years 2022-2025, our focus will be on children and young people in vulnerable life situations and on the ability of art to promote wellbeing.

We want to support initiatives that develop, demonstrate and communicate the connection between art, wellbeing and mental health. This is because the connection between cultural activities and social initiatives for children and young people is a field that encompasses a major and yet untapped potential.

In Roskilde Festival Group’s donation policy, which is titled “We bring the dreams of young people to life”, you can read about the objectives and aims for our donation work towards 2025.

Read the donation policy: We bring the dreams of young people to life (in Danish)

How we distribute the profits

To ensure the strongest possible connection between the festival’s core values, focus areas and donations, we generally do not accept donation applications.

We choose projects and initiatives worthy of donation on an ongoing basis, and each autumn we invite the outside world for an Open Call, through which we distribute a large part of our profits.