Economic responsibility to us is about creating events that support the clause of generating profits for charity while also ensuring the long-term existence of the festival organisation. 

The purpose of Roskilde Festival is to generate proceeds that are distributed to humanitarian, non-profit and cultural work for the benefit of children and young people in particular. 
Below, you can read how the festival organisation meets its purpose and ensures sustainable economic development. 
Subjects on this page:

  • Securing proceeds for donation
  • Civil society revenue platform 
  • A non-profit organisation

Securing proceeds for donation

Roskilde Festival Charity Society, the organisation behind the festival, supports initiatives that benefit children and young people and support humanitarian, non-profit and cultural work both in Denmark and internationally.  
All proceeds from the festival are donated to charity, and since the beginning of the 70s, the festival has generated over EUR 55 million for distribution. 

Consequently, through generating profits for charity Roskilde Festival intends to make financial difference to others. 

Read more about donations here 

Civil society revenue platform

We create the festival together with many other associationsorganisations and NGOs. In this way, Roskilde Festival is a platform for other organisations. Through their participation in the festival, they can generate funds for the benefit of their work. 

The organisations improve the festival experience, and their participation is also a way for us to contribute financially to the development of cultural life and civil society in a way that extends beyond the economic results of The Roskilde Festival Charity Society. 

Read about participating associations here

A non-profit organisation

Our focal point is the annual Roskilde Festival. However, the aim of supporting humanitarian and cultural purposes also applies to all the other activities that we participate in throughout the year.

We have organised all our activities in an organisation we call The Roskilde Festival Group. The group consists of The Roskilde Festival Charity Society and The Roskilde Festival Charity Foundation, each with their own finances and administration. 

The Roskilde Festival Charity Society organises the annual Roskilde Festival while The Roskilde Festival Charity Foundation puts the organisation's many competences into play elsewhere – this is where we help clients and the outside world with advice, event safety, gastronomy, experience design, project management and logistics. 

Since The Roskilde Festival Charity Society donates all profits to charity and therefore does not have any savings, The Roskilde Festival Cahrity Foundation can help the association if it were to get into financial difficulties. 

With this organisation in the Roskilde Festival Group, we have secured the event Roskilde Festival in the future and at the same time ensured that all our activities support the same charitable purposes. 

Find an overview here of the Roskilde Festival group's legal entities and their purpose. Here you also find annual reports, rules of procedure and principles for association and fund management (in Danish only).