If life gives you lemons, make it Orange. This year, we invite you to take part in our non-profit event at home combining – as always – having a party AND supporting those less fortunate than yourself.  “But how?” you may ask. Read on, friend.


Some say there are five stages of grief, the final one being acceptance. We invite you accept the h… out of the cancellation of Roskilde Festival 2020 and reactivate it with resilience, tenacity and quite a bit of creativity.

Saturday 4 July, what should have been the final day of Roskilde Festival 2020, we open the very first ’Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’.

This is the day when you and your friends can camp in your living room, make the perfect playlist, be inspired by art and make a stand – and, of course, share your experiences with everyone else – just like at every non-virtual festival.

The summer of 2020 is not the summer we dreamed of but we hope to share a new experience with you. An experience not that much different from what we’re used to in the sense that it’s about helping each other and creating a communal feeling where no one feels alone and everyone feels accepted.