Make a flag for your Do It Yourself Roskilde Festival. This way you can get a little festival spirit at home.

You will need:

  • A stick, broomstick, an old rake or something else to make a flagpole.
  • A piece of fabric. Find any an old sheet or a tablecloth.
  • A scissor
  • Sail yarn or other type of string.
  • Paint, colour pens or spray paint.
  • Your creativity.

Step 1: Find the things you need.

Step 2: Cut the fabric out in the size and shape you wish. Decorate your flag. Draw a sketch of the camp's name and logo on the fabric. Then paint it with paint, a colour pen or spray paint. Remember to let It dry properly.

Step 3: Cut two small holes in the corners of your flag, the holes must be on the same side, this is for your string. Now tie your flag on your chosen flagpole with an optional type of knot.

Step 4: There you have it! Now the flag is ready to be waved in front of your speakers and create the right camp atmosphere. The flag can also be used to find your way home.

We would love to see your flag on Instagram, so feel free to use #RF50 or mention @Roskildefestival.