To host any event is a true art form. Especially in these Covid-19 days where the virus is still lurking in the corners. But as always help is here: Crowd management is a speciality of ours and on this page and on social media you can watch guides on how to make a safe and - also important - neighbour-friendly Roskilde Festival.

PS Even though you miss the festival, there is no reason for you to show up where Roskilde Festival normally takes place.

In part because there is now a guarded Covid-19 test center located here and in part because camping is not allowed when there is no festival.

Since the recommendation remains to maintain a safe distance to each other, we recommend that you have your party at home or where ever you are invited.

Covid-19 precautions

The general rule from the authorities is that a maximum assembly of 50 people is allowed. Until 8 July that is. Then the number increases to 100. 

This goes for all public places e.g. beaches, parks and so on. And even your court yard if other people besides you and your household have access to it. 

The Police can fine all and everyone in an assembly with more than 50 people. The fine is currently DKK 2.500. 

Government recommendations are, no matter what, to maintain a distance of 1 meter (and of course avoiding hugging, kissing and shaking hands), sneezing and coughing in your sleeve, frequent washing of hands and/or use of hand sanitiser 

If you generously invite people to your house or garden, to which only you or your household have access, you are allowed to invite as many people as you want. Be aware of course not to disturb your neighbours. 

The Danish Health Authority recommends however, that you assembly no more than 50 people 

NB there used to be a rule about not serving alcohol after 11 pm, but that rule was abolished 11. Juni

For more information and guidelines go to the website of the Danish Health Authority

Roskilde Festival volunteers’ guide to become a great host

More than 30,000 volunteers create Roskilde Festival. Each year, they make sure that you are having a wonderful experience.

If you are planning to gather your friends for a DIY party July 4, you must embrace the role as the host yourself. But do not worry! We have collected some good advices on hosting from our volunteers, that will surely make you shine in the role of the host at your DIY party on July 4. Read more here.


How to create an (even more) sustainable DIY festival

Sustainability is also about practicing. This guide will inspire you to party with a green conscience.

Are you rebuilding your camp in your backyard? Are you transforming your dorm room into an intimate venue? Is the theme of your party ‘orange’?

No matter which great ideas you and your friends have for your DIY festival, we encourage you to reduce your consumption and take care of the environment.

But where do you start? And what can you do?

We asked the festival’s sustainability team for advice on how to party with a green conscience.

When we party we invite about 130,000 people, but our experience with organic produce, consumption, purchasing and waste sorting can also be applied to your party.

Look here for five tips on how to make your DIY festival more sustainable

Notify your neighbours

Be a good neighbour and let the friendly people next door know that you’re throwing a party/festival.
Here’s an example you can use. Or you can make your own.

Download in English or Danish