• Prepare for the Danish summer. Do you plan on being outside? Buy some extra sunscreen for the afternoon sun and get some blankets and wool socks for the late-night hours.
  • Get snacks for tomorrow. Remember to save some snacks for the next day. You will thank yourself later. Additionally, a cold soda may be used as bait when convincing your friends to help with the cleaning.
  • Give the party an orange tint. Your party needs that Roskilde Festival glow. We suggest napkins, flowers, candles, and vests – all in orange nuances, of course.
  • Remember loads of ice. Warm beers have their charm, but nobody have time for hot drinks.

Let the party begin!


  • Give your guests a DIY package at arrival. Hand out goodie bags and get off to a great start. We suggest that you include a hand sanitizer, a mug with name tag and a program for the day. Add chips, soda, and a headache pill for the next day and achieve eternal glory.
  • Ask for help. You are the host, but everyone should contribute. Ask your guests for help, before you get swamped in duties.
  • Good hygiene is essential. Show your guests the location of the toilet at arrival. Also, make sure that they access to a hand sanitizer.
  • Let your guests choose the music. Being a host does not grant you unlimited will over the playlist. Make space for your guests’ recommendations. You can always listen to the debut album of The Strokes in its entirety tomorrow.
  • Serve vegetarian and nonalcoholic alternatives. Create variety in the food and drinks assortment. It is appreciated.
  • Make it easy for your guests to help you. Place garbage bags within sight. It will make it easier for your guests to help you with the cleanup. Also, remember ashtrays for the smokers.
  • Serve a late-night snack. Your guests will eventually become hungry after midnight. Prepare a snack – and remember the vegetarian alternative.