1. Skip single-use consumption

Say goodbye to cups, cutlery, plates and decorations that can only be used once. Choose reusable options instead.

2. Buy sustainably

Purchase products that last longer. If you’re bringing camping classics such as tents, pavilions and camping chairs to the party, make sure you get great quality ones that you can use for the rest of the summer and again at next year’s festival. And the year after…

3. Choose organic

A sustainable party is an organic party. Organic food and drinks are better for you and mother Earth.

4. Sort your waste

Waste goes in the bin – the correct one, that is. And you might as well get used to sorting your waste once and for all because we will be doing a lot more of that in the future.

5. Practice makes green

Practice makes perfect – the same goes for creating a greener party with your friends. Let the cancellation of Roskilde Festival 2020 be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with sustainable habits – at parties, in your daily life and next time we’ll meet at the festival.

PS: What does Roskilde Festival do? Read about how we’re practicing becoming more sustainable here.