During the coming weeks, we will – on this page – publish guides to creating ’Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’ in your own living room, we will show you how, where and when you can interact with the other party hosts, and and finally prelaunch our 2021 merchandise collection.


Last but not least, what is a festival without a wristband? By popular demand from Roskilde-goers who have been dreading a gap in their collection of wristbands we have made a special ’Roskilde Festival – do it yourself-wristband' for 2020.

It can be yours for the price of DKK 200 (approx. EUR 27). As is the case with our non-virtual festival, the earnings go to humanitarian, cultural charity work with emphasis on children and young people. Since 1972, the festival has donated more than DKK 420 million (approx. EUR 56,375,000)to such purposes. Below, you can read more about the criteria for receiving donations.

Read here who received the earnings from the festival 2019.

If you don’t really need a wristband but still want to donate you can choose to buy a donation ticket instead. The price is DKK 50.

Wristbands and donation tickets can be bought here

We will be updating this page frequently during the next days and weeks, so stay tuned.

See you at ’Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’

Who we support

  • YOUTH: Initiatives supporting young community and action. Target audience is under 29 years of age. We will prioritise projects made by young people for young people.
  • COMMUNITY: Projects that strengthen and develop young communities and efforts to stand united and show new directions for our society, culture and a sustainable future.
  • THE CURRENT: We support recipients who are at the forefront of the need and potential of young people in the world.
  • ACTIVISM: Initiatives showing concrete reactions to current problems and strengthen young people’s opportunity to express themselves, act and change unjust and unfair circumstances.
  • SOLIDARITY: Initiatives uniting young people with limited opportunities to act, strengthen the solidarity between young people and pave the road for a society where we stand up for each other.