Roskilde Festival is much more than music. Every year, the festival site is filled with site-specific art installations. Brian Ulbrichsen, one of the festival’s curators, explains what to pay attention to when creating art installations for your DIY festival at home.

1. Select a theme
Define the framework for your art installation: Does your camp have a certain theme that your art installation can support? Is there an agenda you would like to promote?

2. What is the function of your art?
The art at Roskilde Festival is more than just something for the eye. Should people be able to sit or stand on the piece? Walk through it? Should they reflect on something? One does not necessarily exclude the other but it’s a good thing to take into consideration in advance.

3. Decide what to build with
Art installations at Roskilde Festival must be very durable. That is why we often build with sturdy materials such as wood or concrete. If you need to speed up the process a bit, both duct tape and tent poles are very useful solutions.

4. Build your installation
Go from idea to concrete work. For example, have an opening ceremony when the installation is done.

5. Let go of your creation
Art at Roskilde Festival is to be used. Even with different intentions than the artist had intended. Your installation should be sturdy enough for people to touch it, sit on it, pee on it… and worse.