In addition to the many music names, the stages at Roskilde Festival are filled with people with something at heart. For example, the line-up has featured both whistleblower Edward Snowden and Opal Tometi, co-founder of Black Lives Matter in the United States. You can also join in at your own festival. Speech project Røst provides you with six great tips for doing an opening speech at your festival at home.

1. Set time aside for your speech
If you want to do a speech, you need to have time for it. Not many are good at doing freestyle speeches. It is better to do a speech you have prepared.

2. Think about the community
This is not a wedding with two people at the centre. You are all at the centre. Make sure to speak to the community in a way that addresses everybody.

3. Plant an idea
When you have addressed the community, it can be a good idea to plant a thought with your friends. It could be that you don’t skip from one song midways through to another. Or you can encourage everybody to donate their refund to charity. That’s up to you but it’s a great way to influence your camp a bit.

4. Remember all the emotions
An opening speech is a celebration speech. The mood is great and everything is as it should be – but don’t be afraid of speaking about difficult or even sad topics. This year, it’s evidently a shame that everybody’s not together at the festival. You all share this emotion. It can be nice if somebody expresses this emotion in words.

Perhaps someone has fallen ill and can’t attend the party. That is also a shared emotion, and it is an emotion that would be nice to express in words.

Your speech should also point to the nice and bubbly emotions you all have. An opening speech should preferably end on a positive note.

5. Do your speech, don’t read your speech
Don’t bury your head in the paper. Look up and get eye contact with the ones you are speaking to.

6. Stop speaking once in a while
Remember to make pauses. Then people get a chance to grasp what you just said, you can breathe and land in the situation.