Even when you do it yourself, it’s not a true festival without any concerts, right? Well… say hello to ‘Roskilde Festival DIY concerts’.

Roskilde Festival DIY Concerts is an AR app created specifically for Roskilde Festival – do it yourself. The app lets you experience Danish artists Tessa and Artigeardit performing the songs "Ben" and "Bål", and "Den værste" and "Gothersgade", respectively. It all happens in your living room, in your backyard or whereever you see fit. And you can perform right next to them on camera and record the whole thing.

Usually, we donate all profits from the festival to our charity work primarily for children and young people – but without a festival we have nothing to pass on. Therefore, it will also be possible to make a donation in the app by purchasing a donation wristband or by donating an amount of your own choosing using MobilePay.

Download the app for iPhone and Android


Only available Friday 3 July and Saturday 4 July.

A step-by-step guide to Roskilde Festival DIY concerts

1. Open the app and choose the concert you want to experience.

2. Turn silent OFF and turn up your volume.

3. Find a nice spot – preferably with plenty of space – and scan the room around you so you can see the area being highlighted.

4. Tap your screen and let the show begin. Use the white button to take a picture while you're performing right next to the artists. Use your phone's screen recording if you want it on video.

5. Photos and video are automatically saved on your phone so you can share your experience. When sharing, remember to mention #RF20 or @roskildefestival.