You’ve donned your best festival outfit, put on your best festival playlist and maybe even scrambled together a camp of some (or even superior) quality.

But what’s the fun, if you can’t show of your effort?

Share your experience with like-minded souls, inspire those who maybe haven’t got quite that far – or – and this if of course also allowed – take a breather and watch the show put on by others.

It’s all going down on our Facebook page and Instagram profile. @roskildefestival #rf20

Festival in your television
Normally, the national TV stations cover Roskilde Festival so that you can reexperience the festival when you are back home from the festival. This year, they have nothing to film. But in true DIY style, TV2 and DR2 will broadcast original Roskilde Festival programmes on Saturday 4 July. Catch TV2’s programme at 20-21 and change the channel to DR2 between 21-22:30. Both programmes will offer clean-cut Roskilde Festival atmosphere.