Make a road trip is your way to get to Roskilde Festival and be part of a Road Trip community.
Closed for applications

This is an add-on to make your experience more comfortable. You will still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival to access the festival.

The way you get here is up to you. You can rent a van with your friends, bike through mountains, hitchhike, jump on a train or fly from afar. You can apply whether this is your first time going to Roskilde or whether you're a veteran: all are encouraged to join and take part in creating a shared festival feeling, whether you are travelling on your own or you as part of a group.

What is the Road Trip Community?
It's a camp area that involves various road trips from Oslo, Malmö, CPH Airport and you. Events and activities are created throughout the first days when your talents and involvement will be welcomed.

Keep it clean 
When you camp at Road Trip camping area, we expect you to keep the area clean, including your own camp. When you leave, your area must be as clean as you found it. Pack your tent down and take it home or hand it in in the reception. Please help us and Mother Nature: Equipment left at the campsite cannot be recycled but will be thrown out. 

The Make a Road Trip includes

  • Reserved clean camping area N (see map) next to East city
  • A Roskilde Festival go-to contact to assist with any questions and planning
  • Taking part in a Roskilde Road Trip community (activities and events included)
  • Taking part in various Roskilde Road Trip games with a chance to win awesome prizes

Make a Road Trip is for you, if you are

  • Travelling from outside of Denmark
  • A group of 1 to 50
  • Able to arrive at Roskilde Festival between Saturday June 29 at 16.00 till Sunday June 30 at 16.00
  • Excited to make new friends and join the road trip community
  • Willing to keep your camping area clean

How to become part of Make a Road Trip
Spots available for Make a Road Trip are limited. Tell us about yourself and why you want to join below. Apply as soon as possible and before 15 April. You will hear from us no later than 30 April.

Further information can be found on the Roskilde Road Trip Facebook page

If you are having technical problems with the form or have any questions, feel free to write an e-mail to Caroline Dickson, 

The Make a Road Trip details


Special Camping Southeast 

Reservation Begins

Saturday 29 June at 16.00

Reservation ends: 

Sunday 30 June at 16:00 

Entrance booking: 

Not needed 

Closed for visitors: 


Clean camping: