From Oslo Busterminal to Roskilde Festival and back again – it doesn’t get easier than that.
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This is an add-on to make your experience more comfortable. You will still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival to access the festival. 

From Oslo Busterminal to Roskilde Festival and back again – it doesn’t get easier than that.

Roskilde Road Trip is for everyone who wants to take part in creating a shared festival feeling, whether you are traveling on your own or as part of a group. The festival experience starts as you step on the bus and continues all through to the festival, during the festival and back to Oslo again. 

As a Roskilde Road Trip ticket-holder, you get a super convenient reserved camping area close to the festival area and a camping community that involves various road trips from the airport, Oslo and Malmö. Events and activities are created throughout the first days where your talents and involvement will be welcomed.

Keep it clean 
When you camp at Road Trip camping area, we expect you to keep the area clean, including your own camp. When you leave, your area must be as clean as you found it. Pack your tent down and take it home or hand it in at the reception. Please help us and Mother Nature: Equipment left at the campsite cannot be recycled but will be thrown out. 

Further information can be found at the Roskilde Road Trip Facebook page 

You can also write an e-mail to 

.The Oslo Road Trip package includes 

  • Bus from Oslo Busterminal to Roskilde Festival and back 
  • Reserved area at Special Camping Southeast (see map) next to East City 
  • One hour shopping break in a supermarket in Denmark 
  • A local guide from Oslo 
  • Take part in various Roskilde Road Trip activities and games, with a chance to win awesome prices

The Oslo Road Trip package details 

Roundtrip price: 

DKK 790 + fee

Incl. Full Festival Ticket: 

DKK 2890 + fee


Saturday 29 June at 9.00 from Oslo Bussterminal 

Return date: 

Sunday 7 July at 12.00 from Entrance East 


Special Camping Southeast 

Reservation ends: 

Sunday 30 June at 16:00 

Entrance booking: 

Not needed 

Closed for visitors: 


Clean camping: 



Please note

  • Estimated arrival to Entrance East is 18:00 on Saturday 29 June. Arrival time may vary depending on traffic and driver breaks.
  • Estimated return to Oslo Bus terminal is 21:00 on Sunday 7 July. When driving back on Sunday, there is an expectation of more traffic. If you are planning on catching other transports, please consider providing yourself extra time, as we are not responsible for late arrival.