We're giving back the stage to the upcoming acts who lost it

2020 was the year when the growth layer lost the stage that should have given them a larger audience.

Roskilde Festival 2020 should have presented 45 brand-new acts who collectively represented the future of music.

That didn't happen.

But we must not forget these many talented bands.

Sounds Like Roskilde is an initiative dedicated to them. We're bringing them all back into the spotlight.

We're releasing a record, we're building a concert app, we're booking shows... In other words, we're doing all we can to bring attention to the class of 2020. They are still here and they still deserve your attention.

Below, you can read, listen, look and in general tune into all the acts.
Download AR concert app

8 upcoming acts from the cancelled 2020 festival play mini concerts with AR technology. You're invited to set the stage. All stage creators are part of a competition for a hotel stay at Hotel Arthur in Copenhagen including a very special concert experience.

Download app

Read more about the competition

Fold your own Orange Stage

Do you need some creative input for making a stage? Try some origami and create your own Orange Stage. Click the image and download a folding guide. In five minutes you can make a worthy throne for the artists to play on.

Download folding guide

vinyl record

Buy vinyl boxset

We've just printed 1000 copies of a box set containing 4 lps containing 38 songs by the class of 2020. Hit that 'buy' button while you can. All profits from the sale go directly the artists.



Listening booth

Listen to all acts. We've divided them into two playlists according to which stage they should have played.